Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Updates on Pineapple Plant, Pallet Planter, and Peach Tree (AKA the YYY post about PP, PP, and P)

On our February 11 posting, "City Pineapples and Coffee", we told about the two pineapple plants we had grown from the greenery ends of two pineapples.  Once we got them out into the Yadkin Yard sunlight, they've really grown!  Here they are now -- big difference from February.  This has been a fun project to do.

Farmer Lynn's June 7 posting about his Pallet Planter showed how he made the planter, mounted vertically on the yard barn, where it then became the home for a bird nest with 5 blue eggs.  After the baby birds left, the planter was able to be watered more frequently and is very pretty, I think.  The petunias on the bottom row are the Wave Petunias.  Farmer Lynn is teaching the word "NO" to the rabbits who get on their hind legs, intent on munching on the Wave Petunias!

We have beautiful lilies in the Yadkin Yard.  Some we brought with us, but most of them were already here. It had been and is a beautifully and thoughtfully planted yard.  

Over the past couple of weeks, Farmer Lynn has kept track of the growing-number growing-size of the peaches on the old Peach Tree.  In order to avoid the tree limbs breaking under the load of so many peaches, and to give a chance at some fully-ripened edible peaches, he and his older son have been keeping down the peach population on the tree.  However, now it has become apparent that stronger measures are called for.  More "support", as it were, for the old tree's limbs, ahem, so today . . .  ;-)

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  1. Hahahaha :) I love this! First time I have ever seen a tree on crutches :)

    Have a wonderful day!