Sunday, July 1, 2012

Desert Rose Plant

This is really Farmer Lynn's post subject, but since he hasn't, I will, because it's so beautiful and needs to be bragged about ;-)    He has nurtured this bonsai Desert Rose plant.  It bloomed back before the Yadkin Yard, but it sure has appreciated the move!  It's on the (uncovered) front porch and is thriving there.  He built a little pallet table to put a few plants on the porch.  I just think this is so so so beautiful, it looks like a painting!

The Desert Rose is a succulent with a swollen stem.  It needs plenty of sunlight.  It's also called a "mock azalea".  It has to come inside during the late fall and winter.  I'll let him post more about it and how he cares for it, but in the meantime, enjoy the beautiful picture of the beautiful Desert Rose!

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