Friday, July 20, 2012

The Yadkin Yard Rabbit

The Yadkin Yard has an adorable rabbit.  It was one of the babies when we moved here.  The rest of the family disappeared one day and this one came back to the backyard with some puncture wounds that looked ominous.  But it healed up and grew up and now keeps Farmer Lynn company in the Yadkin Yard.

The picture on the left is from June and the one on the right is about 6 weeks later in July.  Yes, it really does get that close up to us.  Doesn't seem to mind us being there at all.  Must have figured out that we're no threat.  Besides, it's cool under the house, much cooler than in the yard.  It's a San Juan rabbit which I understand are tamer than regular rabbits.  The video was made in May when it was still a baby:

Farmer Lynn has named him "Gray" because the rest of the family was tanner than this one is. Here's a link to a YouTube video that he shot this week of his little buddy:

OK, so I love pictures and videos of cute bunny rabbits.

On the other side of the yard, there's a white rabbit

which is now two white rabbits.  We figured somebody had gotten tired of an Easter/Spring present and dropped it off here, out in the country.  The rabbits are so adorable and they keep the clover population to a manageable level.  Farmer Lynn has ordered some seeds for red clover and the rabbits (and soil) will like that even better. 

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  1. Those rabbits are so cute! We have a big rabbit population here, too!