Saturday, July 9, 2016

Juicing for Healing

This post was written last year in draft form by Truth Seeker, aka Farmer Lynn. 

One of my "medicines". I started juicing after learning of my cancer, easy way to "cram" good nutrients in me.

I did my usual research on the Web about the juicing machines people liked the best. One that kept being mentioned was the Oster juicer so that's what I bought. Here it is with two healthy glasses of pure juice.

I followed a general recipe of 2 celery sticks, 3 carrots, and 1-2 apples. Then I added whatever we had on hand (pears turned out to be a good addition) or that I had learned were good for me but didn't like (kale, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are in this group, lol). You don't cook any of these prior to juicing; everything is raw. I cut them up somewhat to make it easier to go through the juicer. 

Then I started running these fruits & vegetables through the Oster.

The juice comes out separately from the remains of the process. You can use the remains in your compost bin or just throw them away. The juice will be cold because most of the ingredients came from your refrigerator. I found it helpful to at least rinse off all the Oster parts at this point rather than letting it sit. It's so much easier to get the food off right away. Then I'd drink the juice. My body reacted as if it had been waiting all its life for this amazing juice. It clearly was a hit there inside me! I drank one glass a day and really tried to do this each day. 

Another "progress update" since getting off of the triple chemo attack and down to a single chemo, 2 months later now my fingers and toes still have issues. But last week, for the first time since Oct'ish I was able to play guitar, or place my fingers on the strings, "playing" would be for someone else to decide. Before I knew it I had knocked out a 30 min non-stop session!

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