Saturday, July 9, 2016

Grapevines in the Yadkin Yard, Part 2

The Yadkin Yard has two kinds of grapes -- muscadine and concord. The muscadines grow wild EVERYwhere in the yard.

This photo is from Father's Day weekend last year. Both sons came and created the structure for the concord grapes to grow on.

Before this was built, the Concords were just planted in a pot over in the mulched area. 

The grapes really enjoyed their new setup and quickly showed it!

The Muscadine Grapevines have their own ideas about structure and placement ...

The muscadine and scuppernong grapes are native to North Carolina and definitely to this area of Yadkin and Iredell counties. There is a good blog post by Kevin Campbell about these grapes at "New Life for Old Living".  Now we'll see if any grapes turn up in the Yadkin Yard. If so, I'm making jelly.

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