Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Decorations -- Wind Chime

Farmer Lynn got creative with spray paint the other day.  We had a rusty-but-solid metal wind chime on the corner of the house.  He decided that it deserved some sprucing up.  So after sanding away the rust and old paint, he spray painted it a flat black indoor/outdoor Krylon paint, and let that dry real thoroughly.  Then he put a leaf here, a leaf there, and did a real soft overspray with Rustoleum's similar spray paint in Heirloom White.  He let each side dry really well before doing the next side.  Only one side had a small run, probably just a tad too much paint on that one.  But now the wind chime is hanging back up in its corner spot.  Removing the rust and painting it with rust-resistant exterior paint should really add to its lifespan.  I think it looks splendid.


Just a short posting today to show you how pretty the wind chime came out.  Another fall decoration for the Yadkin Yard! 

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  1. What a fun project for any time of the year!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!