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Feng Shui, Bagua Map, and Inspiring Sayings

aka feng shui

Since I'm still recovering from 2008's multiple fractures and 2011's cancer, and now have "primary hyperparathyroidism" (don't know much about it yet) to deal with and get over, I have become interested in the principles of Feng Shui to help with healing in particular and energy in general.  My bedroom in Winston is now painted a soothing Sherwin-Williams Creme and the bed is in soft pinks.  I have always felt peace at the condo so I am not concerned about Feng Shui there.  But the Yadkin house and yard, although also feeling very peaceful and soul-soothing to me, will be going through the Feng Shui process, beginning with the house.

Mary Lea Bradford,, is going to be involved in the yard "work" but I'm not ready to tackle that yet.  I hope to make use of Louise Klein's help,, with the inside.  Until I can free up some funds for those wise women, I'm on a strictly DIY path with something I know nothing about!  That's never stopped me before, and it's not stopping me now.  So I read that clutter is definitely bad Feng Shui, bad energy.

So I've been on a campaign to de-clutter.  This is no easy task.  Hahaha.  I am good at clutter, making it, that is.  Not anywhere near hoarder status, but a nice medium-size clutter maker.  It is hard for me to throw things away.  Fortunately Farmer Lynn does not coexist well with clutter and so he helps me with this "tendency".  It does help that we are still moving this into this house and into place in this house, so as I look at items, I can think "ok, trash" or "ok, Goodwill" or "ok, freecycle this".  I can also group like things together and realize when I have more than plenty and can do the trash/Goodwill/freecycle processing.  Nowadays I hear that de-cluttering is called "space editing".  Doesn't that sound much nicer?

The second thing I've done is to look up Feng Shui and discover Bagua Mapping.  I had never heard of this before.  It has taken over my arranging of things.
bagua map

There are roughly nine rooms in the Yadkin house and there are nine different Bagua Map parts, so figuring out what goes where, according to the Bagua Map, is easy.  I can do what I can do, and then let those who know more about this rearrange things later!  At least I ought to be in the general neighborhood, I figure (she says confidently).

I find myself wanting to put lots of blues pretty much everywhere.  A completely blue house would feel healing and peaceful to me.  I have decided to go with that feeling, since it's so strong, and still put lots of blues around the house since it comforts me (and since it's my favorite color and Farmer Lynn's favorite color too).  But I have been surprised at the nice effect that the other colors, the Bagua colorings, have on me as well.  So this will take up some time in the short- and medium-range.

One of the first things we did when we moved in was to get together sayings that we liked.  Bible verses.  Love sayings.  Inspirational words.  I really like the work of Mary Anne Radmacher,  She has beautiful drawings to go with her quotes.

I already had a few of hers framed and then I ordered a few more earlier this spring.  So we hung those up as we found the right place for them.  Recently I discovered Craft Cuts,, that has vinyl lettering sayings that you can put right onto your wall -- no framing or nail holes.

I like quite a few of those, haha.  There is a lot of beadboard here so I will have to find just the right spot for at least 2-3.   You can also use their wooden letters to spell out whatever you want (see  but I'd have to really give that some thought.  Those don't come easy for me.  I really like hers though.  While you're checking that out, join the raffle there.  You could get a $30 gift certificate to Craft Cuts.  If I won that, I'd check out their vinyl chalkboards and wall murals (for the man cave!) also.  Otherwise, I'll have to wait a while to go any further.

The Man Cave, by the way, on the Bagua Map is in the "career" spot.  I'll have to read up on that more to see how that relates to what goes on in a man cave!

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