Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chickens free-ranging, oh my!

When we first moved in here, we thought the parade of rooster, chickens, and turkeys coming through the side yard on the south side were just adorable.  But soon they showed their destructive side, scratching at the landscaped areas, throwing mulch out into the yard and uprooting small flowering plants.  One of our goals was to cut down on the area to be mowed, so Farmer Lynn and Elder Son Chris had spent quite a while, and quite a few truckloads, building a mulched island around several of the trees and an old TV dish.  They put the wrought iron settee and two chairs out there and it was a nice place to sit a spell.  Plus it accomplished the intended purpose of cutting down on mower turns and passes in that area.  Then the rooster led the chickens over there and they threw all of that out also.  We'd really hoped to extend the mulched area over time to really cut back on the area to be mowed, but that was not looking possible with the free-ranging chickens scratching all into everything.  

However, after only a couple of conversations with the neighbors, they put up a fence along the property line to contain the chickens.  Voila!  Problem solved.  Much relief.  And now Farmer Lynn and Elder Son Chris can work on the next phase of the landscaping of the south yard.  Hoorah for fences!!  And hoorah for nice Yadkin Yard neighbors!!

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