Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bucket Boss and Sowing Grass

I got a present in the mail yesterday -- my new Bucket Boss came.  Very nice. Here's a picture of it from Amazon.  I also got the EasySeat Plastic Bucket Seat to go on the top.  So now I'm set!  Ready to tackle any project.

Farmer Lynn was out in the Yadkin Yard all day getting the side yard ready to accept grass seed, then sowing the grass seed, covering with straw, and watering.  One of the new sprinklers broke down after 15 minutes!  Very irritating.  But Mother Nature came to the rescue and we got thunderstorms and a nice rain for a bit.  He filled up the bird feeders the day before, hoping that the birds won't eat the grass seed instead.  The birds around here love Farmer Lynn.  He keeps them fed and clean.  My sister came to visit and wanted to know what all the squeaking noises were -- it was all of the birds in the yard!

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