Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Men And A Truck

Whew, well we finally finally got moved in.  Completely.  Finally.  We had been moving carloads and pickup truck loads for quite a while.  Finally it got down to the Big & Heavies, the things that we just couldn't handle ourselves.  For this we turned to Two Men And A Truck again.

They've always been wonderful and this time was even better than the previous moves.  They really do care, they know what they're doing, they're cheerful, they're helpful, they're so careful with everything, including with us!  A great company.  So finally the piano is here, the big mirror is here, etc.  It's great to have everything now in one place.

Now we can relax and settle into our Yadkin Yard!  

Today was mowing day and also the day to transplant marigolds into lots of spots in the Yadkin Yard.   We put down mulch last week in the side yard -- looks really nice.  We haven't gotten full-force into working in the yard yet.  Mostly because it still gets pretty cold here.  Early this morning it was 29 degrees.  The previous owner had planted so many beautiful plants and trees.  We're still enjoying watching what appears as Spring unfolds.  There are three spectacular clematis vines in full bloom now.  Gorgeous azaleas, heuchera, hostas, roses...  we got our red rose into the ground and it certainly has appreciated getting planted finally.  I know this because it has put out lots of new blooms.  That makes me happy because it had to wait about 3 years to get its roots out of the pot and into the yard.  It's one of those Knock-Out roses that are so hardy or it probably would not have hung in there with us in the pot for so long.  I'd like to find a Lady Banks rose, either yellow or white, to put along the fence.  They only bloom once, in the early Spring, after which it is very difficult to find them in the nurseries.  I've asked several places so far and I'll just have to keep at it.  My daughter has a huge yellow one.  Here's this year's picture!

It's equally as huge on the other side of the fence.  Well that's all for now.  More Yadkin Yard Yacking to come though!

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