Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yadkin Yard in Spring 2013

Wow, the Yard really showed off this Spring.  Here are the blooms on the old peach tree.  It blooms really gorgeous, did last year too, a dark pink all over the tree.

  Yes, this is the same peach tree Farmer Lynn put crutches on once last year before the peaches came.

Sadly the peaches, though plentiful were only about the size of a half dollar. Farmer Lynn pruned the "old guy" back last spring, and again this spring.

 Next years peaches will come from the new growth of last year's pruning so we will see if the tree is past its prime and more ornamental now.

Other show-offs
 A Redbud

This is the fancy Weeping Laceleaf Japanese Red Maple. It stays low to the ground. I didn't think I liked it at first but I really do now. It's a pretty little tree. There are actually several varieties of Maples out here.  A Bloodgood Japanese Maple brought from my mother's yard, regular red Maples and green Maples that were already here, this fancy one, and Farmer Lynn has bonsai'd either one or two downstairs.

The adolescent Bloodgood from my mother's yard and one of the bonsai'd ones:

Here's one of the beautiful Encore Azaleas Farmer Lynn brought from the city, just beginning to bloom.  There are several azalea colors -- this pretty creamy purple, red, dark pink....  The previous owner clearly loved azaleas and they're so pretty this time of year. There are a few Rhododendrons also, in the south border.  I didn't notice what color they were last year and they haven't bloomed yet.


Beautiful iris, one of several that are a dark purple on the bottom and golden on the top. Gorgeous. Farmer Lynn had carried these around with him in pots for several years. They finally got back into ground and showed their appreciation for that --

This is tradescantia. This variety has regular green foliage and purple and blue flowers. I have the 'Sweet Kate' variety that I want to transplant from the condo over here and put just to the right of these. 'Sweet Kate' has bright lime foliage and will add nicely to this grouping.

and beautiful daylilies also --


The Yadkin Yard has been a very happy yard this Spring.  We look forward to the Summer now and the garden.

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