Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yadkin Yard Workday

Today was a busy day in the Yadkin Yard.  The yard barn is now decorated -- 

The two silver stars are safe and sound!  They're just hanging out in the barn until the end of these holidays, then they'll go back up, and the red ones will take the back seat.

The concrete walkway/sidewalk within the "dog lot" had seen better days.  In several places, the concrete was just crumbling away from the rest of the walkway.

Today was a beautiful day, clear skies and temperature in the 70's!  So Farmer Lynn's son came and repaired the concrete walkway.  It looks great now.  That's a beautiful area anyway because it has several birdfeeders in there and some pretty rose bushes.  Farmer Lynn planted golden mums and shasta daisies from the south border garden at my mother's house.  They're doing really well.  This year was an adjustment year for them.  They did bloom, but not like they normally do.  I am confident they will put on a display next year, however.  

Beautiful job, eh?

Then then they cleaned the gutters.  Up on the roof they went!  While they were up there, they measured the opening and length of the chimney flue liner that we'll need.

and took the truck and got a load of mulch for around the trees in the south yard.  Now that the neighbor's yard fowl don't venture over here anymore (hallelujah!), we can go back to working on that yard.  They also fixed the lawn mower cart/trailer, replaced the rubber seals at the bottom of some of the sunroom windows and one living room window where the seals had come loose so that the windows weren't sealing shut.  All in all, a very productive Yadkin Yard Workday!

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