Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in February

 As we prepare for the closing on the Yadkin house (just over 2 hours away) I want to officially give credit where credit is due...

Politically Correct Thanks

 I would like to thank my imaginary friend in the sky for assistance in finding the "right" house for us. Forces of nature aligned to energize karma and helped our eyes see and find the house in the country that so soothes our souls.

What I Really Mean

 I thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ first for saving my soul, for acting as a mediator for me to the almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Who has kept me safe and in good health (by my standards) and has answered our prayers to guide us in the search of and decisions of finding a new house. This was a 3 year process (of which we were in no hurry) life continued to "happen" and our "dream home" was almost laid in our lap when the time was right, with talks already to prospective buyers of the condo we will be leaving....

 Our "dream home" not only seems perfect for us, single level living, sunroom for plants, quiet country setting, privacy, slower paced lifestyle, but the house seems to soothe our souls....  there is a peacefulness there before we even take possession of the house.

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