Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Heart of Wine Country

(tune of The Beverly Hillbillies)

Come listen to my story 'bout a country boy that's me
Spent all his life outside the city
Tho he would drive into town to work
The fast-paced city life he always shirked

Then one day he met an angel dear
Into the city he moved to be near
He felt like an ant inside an anthill
He hung on to sanity thru his sheer will

Next thing you know they're both headin out
Out of the city, from him a big shout
Out to the country for some priii-vaaa-cyyy
With dirt, flowers, and fresh air, for you and me

Country livin'
Muddy creeks
Wine country

The Heart of Wine Country

As the tobacco fields turn into grape vineyards, everyone loves to use that phrase in this area now. So in essence, we have a city girl and a farm boy retiring to the heart of wine country. Got to be something romantic wrapped up in all that...

The Front (Google street view) of the compound...

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  1. Those are river birch trees across the front. There are also maples and dogwoods and weeping mulberries. and clematis and oxalis and rhododendrons and......